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My Story

I was working as a Professional Pastry Chef for more than 20 years when I realized that what I loved the most about my job was having mindful conversations. I was constantly using my experience and intuition to support others on creating positive changes in their lives. That’s why I decided to become a thinking partner and mindful conversations coach.


My work is dedicated to my mother Neus, who has lived most of her life facing the hardship and challenges of a mental condition. With our relationship, I learned of the importance of self-awareness and “looking inside my soul” to find wisdom. Our honest and deep conversations were essential resources for unveiling the truth about myself and my capacity to intuitively help others do the same.


As someone that provides support for others, the most important thing is to serve and care for myself first. I walk my talk by practicing daily meditation, constantly learning from my mentors, and being supported by my coaches on my inner work and life learning process.

I'm eager to connect if you feel inspired about experiencing how mindful conversations that can shift perspectives and expand awareness in unexpected ways.

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Why Naturopathy

What I do

coaching and thinking partnership

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Conscious conversations are a practice for growing awareness

I support people by creating space for meaningful, creative, conscious conversations.

Conscious conversations are a practice for growing awareness of ourselves and understanding of the present reality. I focus my work on cultivating inner wisdom and intuition.


I use creative tools to provide deep understanding of relationships, behaviors, goals, values, and specific ways to align intentions with thoughts and actions. It’s a deep process of clarifying and organizing thoughts, ideas, believes, and possibilities, a journey of remembering their identity beyond what was learned from others.


Coaching is a mutual process of evolution where coach and client are constantly enriched by their interaction.

I design taylor-made conditions to work with each client, serving their unique moment and process.


The purpose of my work is to support my clients in generating positive changes in their own experience, to contribute to the harmony and peace in the world.


get inspired to take the journey

“I have sincere gratitude and admiration for Nuria and the tremendous impact she had and continues to have on my life. She has played an instrumental role in helping me improve my confidence "
"Working with Nuria emboldened me to make significant positive changes in my life. I enjoyed her warm and instinctive approach. Her insights were relevant & helpful to focus my thoughts"
“I felt deeply undestood by Nuria even when I'm not easy to understand because I'm highly sensitive. She gained my trust and I improved many aspects of my life I dind't think were possible "
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New Orleans, USA

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